Unofficial evidence was allegedly found by a Cicpc Commissar and three of disappeared miners would be part of a criminal gang, said a source

By Ricardo Sánchez-Silva | @RicardoLoDice

Caracas, Venezuela.- According to survivor’s testimony, in March 4th a criminal gang and at least two venezuelan components of security forces at the Tumeremo population, tried to get control of the Atenas Mine. Firstly, our international audience have to know that this Southern zone of Venezuela, specific in the Bolivar State is controlled by several criminal gangs who have control of the gold mine and another minerals, but mainly gold, because mineral activity was illegal until Nicolás Maduro announced the exploitation of the Orinoco Mining Arch by transnational companies from Canada, United States and China.

The event occurred when a “bulla” was generated at a private terrain in Tumeremo called Atenas. Local people call “bulla” to a finding of gold in the area. This is a famous term in the place, because it can generates minerals during several months or even years.

Although according to the official version of Francisco Rangel Gómez, who is the governor of the Bolivar State, it was not a mass kill; I have interviewed a witness who survived the alleged tragedy, in which were killed at least 28 miners. Beyond justice – they think it won’t be possible -, families ask to the governor that the corpses appears. Meanwhile the first authority of the State said “It is a mass media show of the political right”.

Witnesses and unofficial evidences

The survivor told me that he saw officers of the political police “Sebin” and Cicpc – this last is the investigation forces police – at the Atenas Mine when his co worker was killed in front of him with AR 15 Rifles and other large arms. They were with “El Topo”, a gang’s leader who wanted to take control of the “bulla”.

He witnessed when criminals killed some miners in front of Atenas. Another source told me that survivors had to load the bodies to a dump truck. Around the place, there were criminals pointing them.

In accordance with a first-hand source, Tumeremo Cicpc Commissar found shirts with blood trails and bullet caps. This unofficial version is added to the witness of other miner who was in his motorcycle and saw when the truck, escorted by police, moved to the road near Nuevo Callao Mine.

Surely, people who were at the place of the mass kill exist, in contrast with de governor version, who until now hasn’t stepped Tumeremo.

Three criminals were killed

In the list of allegedly 17 miners killed published by opposition congressman, Américo De Grazia, there is an exclusive data, revealed now, according to a witness: Néstor Jesús Ruiz Montilla, José Ángel Ruiz Montilla and José Armando Ruiz (one of two last, called “Q”), were cousins of “El Gordo” and part of his gang, enemy of “El Topo”.

The Ombudsman, Tarek William Saab has delegated four public workers to make an “unbiased search”, he said.  Meanwhile, the Public Ministry designated two prosecutors to the case, but families of the disappeared who still protest blocking the “Troncal 10” Avenue, don’t trust them. Witnesses who have testified were allegedly threatened with death. Official operatives continue, but no corps have been found.

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